Quality Interactions

Activities and protocols help learners work with peers using academic language, respectful discourse & the target language based in the content they are simultaneously learning. Below are some of our favorites.

Flip-Flop Practice

Students work in pairs, flip-flopping back & forth while they work together to learn new vocabulary, read, summarize, write, edit, and refine. Flip-flop practice facilitates equity in paired work and promotes 100% engagement. The Flip-flop Bookmark serves as a visual reminder and is a key component of Comprehension Buddies, vocabulary Preview and Practice, and Tandem Writing or other paired interaction activities.

Comprehension Buddies

earners work in pairs to read and summarize what they are reading. Using the Flip-flop paired partner process, readers work with each other to comprehend, summarize, and support each other’s reading, vocabulary practice, writing & literacy learning journey. When the Comprehension Buddies process is faithfully implemented learners are 100% engaged. Retention and transfer to long-term memory is higher.

The Flip-flop Buddy bookmarks have a reminder of how to do take turns reading or speaking and help learners remember who is Buddy A and who is Buddy B. Combine these with the Sum it Up language support menu learners stay engaged and work on academic langue and respectful discourse.