Job-Embedded Supports

Whole-school support & collegiality gets the job done.

REAL Literacy Teaching Studio Visits

REAL Literacy Teaching Studio Visits help individual session participants with in-class coaching from master practitioners. Each Studio Visit focuses on a target strategy based in Vocabulary, Reading, or Writing.

A complete array of Teaching Studio visits consists of three visits: one visit per element (Vocabulary, Reading & Writing) thus enabling teachers with time and practice to focus on implementation. Each visit includes a debriefings with teachers to share notes and work on next steps.

Our master practitioners visit 5 to 6 REAL Literacy Seminar participants per day. Schedules and number of teachers visited varies upon school’s needs.

Virtual REAL Literacy Teaching Studio Visits

Our Teaching Studio visits can also be distance-based or video review. The Virtual Teaching Studio (VTS) process is like the in-person Teaching Studio. Our master practitioners observe a lesson remotely, on-line as part of a distance learning classroom, or via a video clip. Teachers will have a debriefing and next-steps session. Leadership team members are also encouraged to view the lesson. These are especially effective for peer-coaching, reviews in PLC or planning sessions, and as a continuation of professional learning and implementation of the REAL Literacy strategies.

Each VTS session will last about one hour.

REAL Literacy Implementation Team

REAL Literacy Implementation Teams (LIT) come from district or site-based instructional leaders who are exemplary REAL Literacy practitioners. We guide sites or districts in the selection of the implementation & support team members, provide them with additional training and coaching with the intent that the REAL LIT coach supports and sustains current REAL Literacy practitioners and train new staff and educators in the district unfamiliar with REAL Literacy.

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