Sum It Up

A main idea is…

After reading this…

Also, the picture shows…

We’ve used a Sum It Up Language Support Menu (LSM) in some variation over many years. Adding to them; refining and polishing them as we learn from teachers & learners . The Sum It Up LSM (or whichever you choose) is a vital component of reading comprehension skills, Comprehension Buddies reading, debriefings, interpersonal interactions, and when transferring to writing. These LSMs are examples for both lower and higher level ELD learners but all benefit with the right preview & practice and partner support.

For lower ELD learners, we suggest using the SWBST or Summarize Like a Reporter version. For higher ELD level, try the Nonfiction & Fiction LMS. Just be sure to always preview & practice all the target phrases you expect to hear and have learners use.

Prepping your Sum It Up LSMs

Download file.
We suggest using heavy cardstock and lamination to protect your investment.
Print back-to-back. The file has two pages of the same menus to make it easier to print double sided.
Print flipping on the short side or manually print each side separately.
Choose a wild and fun color.
You’ll need one menu for each team of four or pair of students.
Cut menus in half before laminating.

How we use the Sum It Up LSMs:

When students engage in reading whether Comprehension Buddies, Newcomer Pivot Buddies, or even independent reading, learners choose a sentence starter and then complete the sentence with the summarized information. For the next section of the reading, add a different starter that connects with the first to match the flow. Continue summarizing until the reading passage is complete.

Many of the same oral discourse items in these Sum It Up LSMs transfer to writing. We have found that if they have these starters, phrases and discourse items in their oral lexicon, it transfers well to written discourse.

If you have versions for specific usages or contents that you would like to share, email us and if we add them to the resources of this website, we’ll give you kudos and full credit for creating them.