REAL Literacy Seminars

Rigorus Explicit Academic Language for Literacy Seminars

REAL Literacy Seminar sessions provide educators with evidenced-based supports and strategies for integrating content and literacy. We tailor session parameters to fit your staff’s instructional needs. Based on previous trainings and programs, we intertwin ELD levels, neuroscience, quality interaction, a focus on language, and state standards. Daily agendas include modeling, practice, feedback, lesson integration with brain science strategies, co-creation of content meaning, and the core elements of vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. Teachers learn to master pedagogical content knowledge skills for lesson delivery and assessment focused on language and literacy acquisition while simultaneously delivering the target content.

REAL Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Text-based Writing sessions are one day each. A complete three-day seminar learning cycle provides teachers time to work as a PLC to implement the newly learned strategies and leave with lessons ready to implement. Add in a cycle of in-class Teaching Studio coaching visits for each participant, whole-school & post-professional learning support implementation processes to emphasize and sustain the REAL Literacy Seminars.

  • Compressed sessions are available upon request.
  • Classroom Teaching Studio visits and Leadership Clinics are suggested as follow-up.
  • We strongly encourage principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, & all other leadership team members to attend the REAL Literacy Seminar with their teachers.

This works for all my students not just my English learners! All of my classes are doing better. I love it when they use a new vocabulary word, start a comment with a Respectful Discourse phrase, or show me they edited their own work. I just can’t help but smile.

Ms. J, 8th Grade Science, South Carolina

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