Language Support Menus

These portable table sized menus, or LSMs for short, are just a few examples of language supports you can provide for your learners.

We are always looking for exemplars at all levels and for all contents & subjects. Feel free to contact us and share what you have. If we feature your contributions, we will make sure to give your full credit. Below you will find links for supporting oral and written discourse.

Respectful Discourse

Sentence stems for classroom discussions and quality interactions. When students engage in academic conversations, have them choose a sentence starter and then make their statement. The next student then replies by choosing an agreement or disagreement starter and states their opinion or evidence. Continue the discussion until the discussion is complete.

Sophistication and Nuance

Supports for rich, sophisticated, nuanced and descriptive language.

Sum It Up

Writer’s Helper

You Be the Editor

Do you have language support menus you’d like to share with your colleagues via our website? Feel free to email us and we’ll be in touch.


Thanks for reaching out and sharing.