Respectful Discourse

Respectufl Discourse Language Support Menu
Respectful Discourse LSM

We’ve used a Respectful Discourse Language Support Menu (LSM) for years. It is a vital component of classroom discussions, debriefings, and interpersonal interactions. This LSM was developed as an example for higher level ELD learners but can easily work for all levels with the right preview & practice and partner support.

For lower ELD learners, construct cleaner starters: “I respectfully disagree …” / “I would like to agree …” become “Excuse me but, …” / “Yes, I agree …” Just be sure to always preview & practice the target phrases.

How we use the Respectful Discourse LSM

Download file.
We suggest using heavy cardstock and lamination to protect your investment.
Print back-to-back. The file has two pages of the same menus to make it easier to print double sided.
Print flipping on the short side or manually print each side separately.
Choose a wild and fun color.
You’ll need one menu for each team of four or pair of students.
Cut menus in half before laminating.

Implementing Respectful Discourse

When students engage in academic conversations, have them choose a sentence starter and then make their statement. The next student then replies by choosing an agreement or disagreement starter and states their opinion or evidence. Continue the discussion until the discussion is complete. We use these for our Quiz Bowl activity but these are also useful for any cooperative learning, team discussions or classroom debriefings & discussions.

Be sure to help learners practice the vocabulary in these phrases by previewing & practicing. We have noticed that when learners have these concepts and phrases in their oral lexicon, similar ones can easily transition into their written discourse.