REAL Literacy 2.0: Sustaining Services, Family & Community Outreach

Our master practitioners help facilitate post-professional learning with REAL Literacy Professional Learning Community (PLC) development, lesson study sessions, collaborative team & lesson planning, peer coaching workshops, and or a whole-school implementation model.

Micro PD Reviews or PLC Support

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), team meetings, or lesson planning sessions benefit from the guidance and support of one of our master practitioners. Micro PDs are great for focused strategy refinement or lesson development and analysis. These sessions are highly tailored to your team’s requests and may include peer-coaching via video clips, lesson flow and implementation or whole-team planning. Just ask; we’ll figure it out.

We can also work with you on Social Emotional Learning or Family Engagement seminars.

More coming soon. Pardon our dust. In the meantime, if you need assistance, please email Come back soon.

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