Linguistics 4 ELs & Multilingual Learners

Linguistics? I’m not a linguistics expert. What do I need to know for my learners?

For those of us who aren’t Ph.Ds. in linguistics, there are many resources. Here are a few short explanations and activities for some of the components of Linguistics. These brief intros are in no way meant to be considered the definitive guides to linguistics for ELs and other learners. We’ve also included a list of books that have been helpful to us as well.

Each page has a brief description, why it’s important for learners, a few possible examples of how to use the info in a lesson, references, and maybe a few extra thoughts.

We humbly suggest that you start with Language Distance and then take a few minutes to research the many ways English (or the target language you teach) is the same and or different from the home language of the learners in your class. It will be enlightening and helpful for yours and their success.

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