ABCDS&S Consulting features strategies & supports for student-centered learning and interaction to help teachers of every content & grade level infuse academic language acquisition with content mastery via the latest educational neuroscience. We demonstrate how to use the content to focus on language by integrating vocabulary, reading comprehension & text-based writing skills. Students master literacy while connecting to the content and working with their peers. Reach out and let’s see how we can plan together.

Our professional learning sessions are designed to not only help teachers working with multilingual learners succeed, but are tailored with an andragogical and heutagogical framework to appeal to professionals wanting to improve their own knowledge and skills. The complete REAL Literacy professional learning array begins with initial professional learning sessions. Sustaining post-professional learning and implementation structures support participants’ learning and professional growth. One-on-one coaching, leadership guidance, whole-school & collegial teamwork processes, review & revisit mini-seminars, next-steps & specialized population sessions are best when supported by an in-district or onsite implementation team to round out the process & implementation, thus ensuring successful teacher & student outcomes.

We partner with schools, districts, & departments of education to help transform instructional services for multilingual learners & their classmates via Professional Learning Seminars, Leadership Clinics, Teaching Studio visits, whole-school implementation, & professional learning support. Click below for an expanded menu of our options. For information on any service, email Shawn at